Your intrepid hosts

Splendibird (Editor)
Splendibird is based in the North of Scotland where she spends her days freelancing in editor-y stuff (yes, that's a word), working in her local library and raising a small demon. Er, that is, delight. At the moment she also spends a lot of time attending weddings and would like to politely request that people stop getting married for a while. K?

Cannonball Jones
Cannonball, also known as Paul, is an itinerant Scotsman trying to communicate the joys and intricacies of his neighbours' native tongue at an anonymous cram school in Taiwan. Unfortunately this is in reality more akin to babysitting than to anything resembling actual education and thus he seeks refuge in literature whenever possible to escape the horrors of his current career. His hobbies include curmudgeonly mumbling, telling pesky kids to get the hell off his lawn, boring people with his incessant ravings about the songwriting genius of Greg Dulli and trying to convince people that owning a film camera doesn't make him a hipster.  He also reviews on his own superb blog, here.

Polka Dot Steph 
Lovely Steph is currently in the employ of The Man, while living in the beauteous Edinburgh. Like Splendibird, she is a Lady YAcker and she reads anything and everything often writing about it very beautifully. Married to a swanky fellow, she has yet to allow married grownupness (also a word) stifle her inner YA and will largely be helping Splendibird with the terrifying TBR pile. As well as a voracious reader, Steph also enjoys the glory of musical theatre so you should absolutely expect a sing-a-long blog post at some point in the near future.