Review Policy

We happily accept books to review. While we review both adult and young adult fiction and are interested in all genres within this bracket, we are currently only accepting YA titles to review. We are also happy to promote books using book trailers, contests and author interviews. 

All reviews will be published on The Mountains of Instead, with a condensed review posted on Goodreads all linked to via our Facebook page and Twitter account. Our reviews contain a short summary of the book followed by a more in depth analysis of the title. They are, on average, about 800 words long. We do not like every book that we read and our reviews reflect this, but are balanced and honest at all times. 

Due to time commitments, we are currently unable to accept self/independently-published titles for review. 

We are happy to provide visitor statistics pertaining to this blog as necessary.

If you have any questions, or would like to contact us then please email