September 07, 2010

Week Of The Living Dead

As of this Sunday, and for an entire week, The Mountains of Instead will be celebrating all things zombie!
There will be reviews, discussion posts, haikus and much, much more from a whole range of familiar and not so familiar faces.

I've created a special, bloody blog button to promote my own personal zombie love and would be much obliged to any of you who would add it to your blog sidebar and proclaim your own love of zombies. Or at least, um, your love of me loving them...

As added incentive, anybody who adds the button will gain automatic entry into the two book, international, zombie giveaway that I will be running next week - just leave a comment to say you're using the button.

As I am sure you all know, you can add this to Blogger by grabbing the HTML code from below the Week of The Living Dead button (in my sidebar) and on your own blog selecting design/add a gadget/HTML/javascript and pasting it in the box there.  So easy!

Please come by and check out the goings on next week - at the very least, you will gain some tips on how to survive the zombie apocalypse, and one just never knows when that might come in useful, does one?

Until Sunday..... don't stop, er, shuffling,


Clover said...

I'm super excited already! Zombies, yay :)

asamum said...

I love the blog button
Awesome. You are very creative.