September 15, 2010

Sing, Sing A Song....

What is life without music? Indeed, what is un-life without music?  For the discerning zom-polcalypse survivor, Emma from Asamum Booktopia has put together the ultimate playlist (with a little help from her friends...)

I had some  serious fun looking for songs that would make a fantastic soundtrack for zombies. Suggestions came from all over the place: so a huge thank you to some of the sixth formers in school, Pewter Wolf (musical maestro), Sya whose zombie week you are enjoying right now and the musical guru that is Jenny at Wondrous Reads. Along with a few bizarre suggestions by myself.

Starting with:

Linkin Park - The Catalyst 

The theme song from 28 weeks later: In a Heartbeat - John Murphy

Voltaire - there are just so many great song titles by Voltaire that you could use for Zombies - Day of the Dead/Graveyard Picnic/Land of the Dead/Zombie Prostitute

I have chosen:
Brains by Voltaire

Can you believe this is supposed to be a children's song : D

Lastly for now *insert evil laugh here* how could we not have a zombie play-list without:

Thriller by Michael Jackson

I had a few others:

Walking at Night, Alone by Armor for Sleep
Rise or Fall by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
My Suffering by Dead by Sunrise
Monster by The Automatic
Run by Snow Patrol
Night of The Living Dead by The Misfits
My Girlfriend's Dead by The Vandals
Zombie by the Cranberries
and (just for fun)
Purple People Eater by Austin Lounge Lizards

and so many, many more....

Check the lovely Pewter Wolf's selections here. He has awesome taste in music.

Please feel free to make suggestions in the comment box. Picking zombie music has been so much fun. Seriously you should try it.

Next up on Week of The Living Dead...
Jenny from Forever Young Adult changes the way you look at Twilight and Stephenie Meyer.  FOREVER.


asamum said...

Lol it reads so much better on your blog :D Thanks for including me :D

Nomes said...

that clip of thriller is such a classic! love it :)

Clover said...

YAY! Thriller is the only song I can think of when I think of zombies.